Human Resources

The Human Resource Department creates policies relating to workforce planning, selection and hiring of ministry staff; it chooses the appropriate training programmes to meet employee’s needs; it builds salary and functional structures based on state legislation; it evaluates employee performances objectively and fairly; it provides the necessary information and services; and it supervises the implementation of these policies, monitoring their progress and implement required changes.


The Human Resources Department is responsible for:

  • Implementing legislation and policies related to personnel affairs.
  • Identifying staff requirements across ministerial administrative departments.
  • Developing and implementing job descriptions and job classifications.
  • Preparing budgets in collaboration with relevant administrative departments.
  • Conducting employee performance reviews and appraisals.
  • Processing employee transfer, secondment and termination details.
  • Processing employee leave entitlements.
  • Developing the organisational structure of the Ministry.
  • Developing and implementing training programmes for employees across administrative departments.
  • Maintaining ministerial databases.