Public Relations And Communications Department

The Public Relations and Communication Department is responsible for:

  • Raising awareness for the Ministry’s responsibilities and activities through campaigns and collateral
  • Monitoring media coverage, present to officials and draft replies when needed
  • Processing public enquiries and complaints, referring them to the relevant departments.
  • Organising travel, hospitality and accommodation requirements for the Ministry’s guests with relevant administrative departments.
  • Organising cultural, social and sports activities for Ministry employees or and supervising events organized or in participation of the Ministry
  • Organising conferences, seminars and exhibitions, preparing the needed budgets in collaboration with relevant departments.

Key Functions:

  • Promoting and raising awareness for the Ministry’s activities to the general public.
  • Promoting a positive image of the Ministry and its pivotal role in society.
  • Advising ministerial departments on public opinion ahead of introducing new policies.
  • Developing and reviewing crisis communication plans, ready to implement if needed.
  • Refuting rumours and misleading campaigns against the Ministry by releasing supportive and positive messages.
  • Creating a positive work environment amongst different ministerial departments and employees.
  • Ensuring the news published about the Ministry are correct and appropriate, rectifying any incorrect information in the media.
  • Engage with public opinion leaders to increase public awareness of the Ministry.
  • Responding proactively to public opinion and trends, influencing Ministerial policy changes and ensuring activity is in the best interest of the public.​