Procedures for delisting companies

What are the requirements to delete a commercial record?

In case there isn’t a commercial license or a facility registration of a company, deleting a company can be done through filling the deleting form, without any further requirements.

How to delete a commercial record?

In case the record is active, deletion or liquidation form shall be submitted.

If the record was expired for more than 90 days period, the register is deleted through application to the department and fulfilling the requirements.

What are the procedures to delete a company with a commercial license and facility registration?

If the company is local, its deletion needs the stamp of Labor Department at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. If there is a foreign partner, besides the stamp of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, General Tax Authority’s stamp is required as well.

Is it possible to delete a pawned company?

No, it is required to release the company first.

Are there any fees on deletion procedures?

No, there aren’t any.

Are home licenses holders obligated to pay taxes?

According to the General Tax Authority, home licenses holders are not obligated to pay taxes, although they are required to register at “Dhareeba” portal and issue a tax card.

Are there any taxes imposed on local companies?

No, but it is required to register the company at “Dhareeba” portal.

In case a commercial record was not renewed for 10 or more years, is it required to delete it, or it will be automatically deleted?

A deletion application shall be submitted since it is not deleted automatically.

Is it required when deleting a company with a foreign partner that he/she must be in Qatar at the time of deletion?

In case there aren’t a commercial license, deleting a company doesn’t require the foreign partner to be in Qatar at the time. In case a commercial license exists, the stamps of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and General Tax Authority are required.


In case the foreign partner has left Qatar, how to delete a commercial record?

A deletion form shall be submitted with a letter from the Qatari partner affirming to hold full legal liability upon deletion.

Why commercial records to be deleted do not appear on the website?

Work under process to add this service.

Is it possible to authorize a person to delete a commercial record on behalf of its holder?

A record holder or partner shall be present at the time to sign unless there is a valid official legal procuration for a person to act or delete.

Is it possible to delete a commercial record at one of the services complexes across the country? Or it shall take place at MOCI’s headquarters in Lusail?

A commercial record can be deleted at any of the services complexes or MOCI’s headquarters in Lusail.

Is it possible to liquidate a commercial record online?