Business and Trade… Ministry without papers or reviewers

April 02, 2011

HE SheikhJassim Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Thani, the Minster of Business & Trade, inaugurated last Tuesday, the website of the Ministry of Business and Trade, EMBT, considered as the first fruits of the Ministry electronic program’s projects, which aim to achieve a new vision for Business and Trade, through the establishment of an electronic integrated system that stands up without any papers or reviewers, but in the conventional manual ways. This project is considered among 25 electronic projects intended to be completed within two years, and divided into three ranges: the infrastructure projects represented by the development of the ministry’s internal network, projects of joint programs including the ministry’s internal website, the electronic archive, and e-mails, in addition to the projects of business enabling programs, considered as the single window toward the establishment of businesses and financial databases for companies.
The website was designed in a way that focuses mainly on a group of categories, which are: the businessmen who can identify the laws and services provided by the ministry; the foreign investors who can have a look on the laws of investment and the ways of getting investment opportunities in the country; the consumers through the identification of the consumer rights and duties, and the recognition of the best prices of the consumption goods which are weekly updated within the “where to shop” list, as well as the freedom of making an online complaint. The last category consists of the ministry partners’ group. Finally, the project of the internal website has been also launched, offering services for the benefit of the staff of the Ministry of Business and Trade.