Single Window Services

Single window is performing a vital role in supporting investors establishing, and maintaining their business, throughout different phases, starting from planning to digitally acquiring the needed governmental approval, and registration, using a single smart platform You can benefit from using the below services

Comprehensive Establishment

Comprehensive Renewal (up to 5 years for CR or CP or both of them)

Investor Services

These services enable the completion of numerous transactions related to the kick off of commercial activities and to immediately obtain the necessary approvals for a number of commercial activities without having to visit other departments. These services also streamline procedures and transactions for investors through the provision of single window electronic services by integrating and linking the internal systems of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce with those of competent authorities responsible for granting licenses and approvals for the establishment of commercial and economic activities in the state

Supply Services

These services enable ration cardholders to search for the addresses of distributors, check available commodities by distributor, renew the card’s secret number, check its status and the quota of supplies allotted to his family as well as the remaining quantity in addition to obtaining a report about the history of purchases throughout last year

Industrial Services Platform

The industry services platform is the smart interface that supports the investor in the industrial sector, as it allows the completion of all transactions in the various stages of the industrial project