His Excellency the Minister Launches the “Single Window”

May 26, 2011

HE Sheikh Jassim bin Abdul Aziz Al-Thani, Minister of Business and Trade,accompanied by HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Qatar, have toured the “Single-window” project, at the Ministry of Business and Trade, and which aimsto streamline and facilitate the procedures for commercial registration and licenses and cut down on efforts and time.
His Excellency the Minister listened to Mrs. Meera Bint Hamad Al-Attiyah, Director of Commercial Registration and Licenses, who explained the capacities and the advantages of the project, in addition to a presentation that exposes the new procedures for the project.

Mrs. Meera Bint Hamad Al-Attiyah told the reporters that the single window is designed to minimize the efforts and time on businessmen, and to facilitate and simplify the business establishment procedures,so that businessmen will not need to go over more than one counter for documents processing as all procedures will be concentrated in one place.

She noted that the presence of the single window is a main component of a stimulating business environment that helps to develop business in one place where businessmen can establish their company in the shortest period of time.
The services to be provided by the single window include:
1. Decades to establish companies
2. Commercial Registration
3. Trade Name
4. Commercial licenses
5. Advertising Licenses
6. Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry fees

Adding to that, a guideline on how to establish a business was posted on the Ministry’s website, showing and explaining all the requirements and forms that must be brought at the foundation of a new company, on the following link:
Al-Attiyah explained that through the single window the businessman can establish his company in two steps, if he follows the detailed steps cited in the business establishment guideline; these two steps are:

The first step:
1 – Choose the Trade Name
2 – Review and approve the Foundation Contract form
The Second Step:
1 – Foundation Contract Documentation
2 – Issuing a membership in Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
3 – Issuing the commercial register
4 – Issuing the commercial license
5 – Issuing a license for commercial advertising
It is essential also to make sure to attach a letter of capital deposition, print the articles of establishment and foundation, and obtain approvals to exercise your business.
Mrs. Al Attiyah added that in the pursuit of positive interaction between the businessmen and the staff of the single window, the ministry is providing a mechanism to evaluate the employee’s performance by businessmen, and that this evaluation will have high interest as it will affect the remuneration of the employee, in an effort to motivate the staff of the single window.
The Director of the Department of Registration and Business Licenses indicated at the end of her statement that the single window takes place in the building of the Ministry of Business and Trade located at Al-Dafna – West Bay, and that the hours of work start from seven o’clock until one and a half afternoon. She added that the single window is dedicated to the businessmen, partners and managers of companies authorized to sign, stating that the ministry always strives to make things easy for businessmen through the provision of electronic services, inviting them to deal with those services in pursuit of the exploitation of their time without the need for access to the ministry building; and these services include:
• Company name reservation
• Extract of Commercial Register
• Commercial activities’ fees calculation
In addition to the above, other services are available on the following link:http://www.gov.qa/wps/portal/services