Lecture on Commercial Fraud

March 27, 2011

The Department of Consumer Protection in the Ministry of Business and Trade gave yesterday, Monday 24/01/2011, a lecture entitled “commercial fraud and counterfeiting of original trademarks; factors of demolition of the countries’ economies”. The lecture was given by Mr. Omar Abdel Kader Shteiwi, chairman of Brand owners in Dubai, and attended by Mr. Saoud Sultan Al Asiri, head of the Department of Commercial Fraud Protection in the Unit of Consumer Protection, and Dr. Khairi Al Besili, the legal expert in the MBT.
The lecture was introduced by the brilliant media presenter Buthaina Abdul Jalil, in the presence of a number of departmental directors and staff, in addition to a number of consumers and those interested in this matter. The lecture received a large media coverage represented by the presence of Qatar Television, next to Al Jazeera channel and all the local newspapers.