Ministry of Business and Trade Concludes the Events of the 8th GCC Consumer Protection Week

March 28, 2013

The Ministry of Business and Trade has concluded the events that were organizedin the occasion of the eighth GCC Consumer Protection Weekwhich began in the first week of March, in conjunction with the rest of the GCC countries, under the slogan ” Consumer Protection: Rights and Duties “.
GCC Week Exhibition
In an effort to protect the consumers from commercial frauds, the Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Business and Trade has organized an exhibition cum workshop at Landmark mall to distinguish between counterfeit and original goods.
The department displayed various forms of counterfeit and adulterated items during the exhibition, making the consumers aware about such products.The exhibition also included photographs of seizures and irregularities, in addition to presentations that help the consumers identifying the rights and duties of each of the trader and consumer, in addition to the department’s role in protecting them from commercial frauds.
Children Corner
A special children corner was also organized on the sidelines of the exhibition to make children aware about their rights as consumers. Leaflets, brochures and souvenirs were distributed on the occasion.
Participants at the programme were enlightened about methods of detecting fake products by presenting awareness material using modern techniques.
Special Offers
It should be mentioned that sales and special offers were also announced in different shopping malls in the country in the occasion of the 8th GCC Week, in cooperation with the CPD.
The aim of organizing such events is to raise awareness and educate the local and Gulf consumers about their rights and duties and to identify methods of sound procurement methods and use of services and knowledge of laws and regulations that safeguard their rights as consumers.