Ministry of Commerce and Industry carries out field training with participation of 44 international brands to detect counterfeit goods

June 15, 2022
To enhance judicial officers’ expertise and capabilities

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in coordination with the House of Wisdom & Arbitration for Law in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and featuring the participation of the authorized agents of 44 international brands, carried out a field training for the judicial control officers at the Ministry, to provide them with modern methods and means, as well as the key ways used to distinguish between the original and counterfeit goods.

This workshop has been organized as the Ministry, represented by the Consumer Protection and Combating Commercial Fraud Department, is keen to enhance the expertise of its judicial officers, develop their capabilities, and provide them with new methods and means to distinguish between the original and counterfeit goods of all kinds and forms.

The participating judicial control officers carried out surprise inspection campaigns on gold, jewelry, and precious watches shops at the Gold Souq and one of the shopping centers in Doha.

The said campaigns resulted in releasing 39 violations, for displaying and selling counterfeit gold jewelry bearing international brands. This practice comes in violation of Law No. (8) of 2008 on Consumer Protection, in which Article (6) states: “No defective or adulterated commodity shall be sold, displayed, presented, promoted, or advertised. The commodity shall be deemed to be adulterated or defective where it does not conform to the prescribed standard specifications, is unfit for use, or has expired.”

The Ministry urges all citizens and residents to report any violations or infractions through the following channels:

– Call Center: 16001

– The Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s social media accounts:

        – Twitter @MOCIQATAR

        – Instagram MOCIQATAR