Ministry of Commerce and Industry organizes a workshop to differentiate original goods from counterfeit

October 08, 2023

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry represented by the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Department, in cooperation with authorized trademark agents, organized a workshop to distinguish between authentic goods and counterfeit products. The session witnessed the participation of various entities, including the Consumer Protection and Combating Commercial Fraud Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Economic and Cyber Crime Combating Department at the Ministry of Interior, and the General Authority of Customs.

The organization of this workshop comes in line with the Ministry’s keenness to sharpen the skills of its inspectors and provide them with the needed knowledge to distinguish original goods from counterfeit.

The workshop included a field campaign in the local market, and an inspection of 14 stores in various regions of the country was conducted. The inspection campaign resulted in the seizure of several counterfeits of famous commercial brands.