Ministry of Commerce and Industry Organizes Awareness Campaign on Organ Donation

October 02, 2022

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with Hamad Medical Corporation, organized an awareness campaign on organ donation, with the aim of educating employees on the importance of this initiative.

The organization of this campaign comes as part of the Ministry’s Community Participation Program. It moreover translates the Ministry’s humanitarian values, entailed in its strategic plan aimed at achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030- Qatar’s citizen-oriented endeavor for sustainable human development.

The campaign aims to educate participants on the importance of organ donation and its role in saving the lives of thousands of patients. It also provides the necessary information to people wishing to donate, in addition to explaining the registration process.

The campaign participants portrayed outstanding interaction and awareness of the importance of organ donation, especially since this humanitarian gesture may contribute to saving the lives of patients and alleviating their suffering. The initiative in question also instills the values of cooperation and solidarity in society.