Ministry of Commerce and Industry outlines Qatar Business Map Portal Services

August 24, 2023
Within the framework of its efforts to support the private sector and the ongoing development of the business ecosystem

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has outlined the services that the Qatar Business Map Portal offers through its website in a bid to support the private sector, empower entrepreneurs, streamline incorporation procedures and contribute to the development of the business ecosystem.

The Portal provides a comprehensive database of investment incentives across Qatar’s various regions and enables users to access data on commercial establishments throughout the country.

Users may search for commercial establishments by region and access statistics on commercial activities and the business licenses registered in each municipality including newly issued and void licenses.

The Portal also enables users to verify the validity and authenticity of commercial records and licenses using the QR Code issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Single Window.

Users may also search for active commercial establishments in a specific area, and explore available and common commercial activities

The Portal also serves as an interactive and practical tool to analyze the market and develop business strategies, providing educational content on the various aspects of a business such as marketing and project management as well as case studies and success stories. The Portal also provides a platform for entrepreneurs to communicate, share ideas, and exchange expertise, which fosters innovation and creativity, enabling investors to establish new projects that meet the market’s needs.

The Ministry noted that the public and concerned authorities may view all information and data related to various economic establishments by visiting the Business Map Portal webpage via the following link:

The portal’s database facilitates entrepreneurs and investors’ access to potential target customers, helping them decide on the most suitable activity and location to establish their business. It also helps in mapping potential competitors and residential areas to determine the customer base and the feasibility of a project in a specific area.

The Portal was launched in line with the requirements of Law no (1) of 2020 on the Unified Economic Register, which aims to bolster transparency in economic and financial transactions, providing information, data, and documents pertaining to economic establishments, legal arrangements, non-profit organisations, and freelancers, and putting it at the disposal of the public and various stakeholders. The initiative also falls in line with the requirements of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).