Ministry of Commerce and Industry & Qatar Development Bank launch Qatar’s Advanced Manufacturing Hub

May 31, 2022

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with Qatar Development Bank (QDB), launched Qatar’s Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB), in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF), and in the presence of representatives from the three parties. The launching ceremony also witnessed the participation of senior Qatari founders of industrial companies and manufacturers.

Through this strategic cooperation, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and QDB aim to transform Qatar into an advanced economic and industrial hub by enhancing its international connections network.

His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Malki, Assistant Undersecretary for Industry Affairs at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, highlighted the importance of this platform for Qatar’s heads of industrial institutions, major national companies, and owners of small and medium companies. H.E. Mr. Al-Malki said: “The industrial sector stands at the forefront of Qatar’s priorities in terms of development, as it represents a main pillar of diversifying the national economy. Moreover, the industrial sector comprises a key element for achieving self-sufficiency in the State, and shaping younger generations’ future, in line with the National Vision 2030.

This platform is a collaborative space to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the industrial sector, as well as to exchange visions, ideas, and experiences about our nation’s industrial and technological capabilities.”

For his part, Mr. Abdulrahman Hesham Al Sowaidi, Acting CEO of QDB, said: “We have taken the first step towards officially positioning our country as an advanced manufacturing hub, as Qatar made its debut appearance in the latest edition of WEF’s Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs Report. This is sufficient proof of the support QDB and its strategic partners provide to this vital sector. The launch of the Advanced Manufacturing Hub in Qatar further cements our position as a regional leader in this area and makes us proud to have exchanged our industrial experiences with other hubs around the world. I look forward to having further discussions on how we can best shape our economic future over the next few weeks as we contribute to diversifying Qatar’s economy and bringing the country closer to achieving its National Vision 2030.”

Among the Qatar AMHUB’s tasks is to hone Qatar’s manufacturing system, by enhancing its efficiency and accelerating its growth. Thus, the Qatar AMHUB would transform into a niche, comprising a collaborative space and a community where the manufacturing industry leaders come together to discuss challenges within the domain, especially aspects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution trends. The Hub also invests in QDB’s network of relationships and partnerships with other manufacturing platforms around the world.

Francisco Betti, Head of the Platform for Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing Value Chains at the World Economic Forum, said: “We are extremely pleased to deepen our collaboration with the Qatar Development Bank and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as we welcome Qatar into the Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs.

“Through this collaboration we will leverage our global community to build new pipelines for learning and inspiration, amplify the work already being driven to accelerate the manufacturing ecosystems in the region, and work together to shape a future for global manufacturing and value chains that is inclusive and sustainable.”

Following the launch and activation of the Hub, a closed roundtable session as well as an SME gathering is scheduled to take place over the coming months.

Qatar’s AMHUB is one of 13 platforms that were launched by WEF all over the world in aims at enhancing the future of the industrial sector internationally through knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences, while empowering manufacturers to tackle on challenges such as manpower issues, government policies, and environmental challenges.

The AMHUB consists of members of the public and private sectors, businessmen, and SMEfounders, in addition to a number of elite academic institutions that study the opportunities and challenges the industrial sector faces.