Ministry of Commerce and Industry releases report on special licences issued in March 2019

April 15, 2019

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has released its monthly report detailing special licences issued in March 2019. The report revealed that 69 licences were issued for discounted prices, including 68 licences for discounts and one licence for final liquidation, while no licences were granted for festivals.


The report also indicated that a total of 443 licences were issued in March, including for promotional offers, special offers, Swipe and Win and prize draws. Overall, 75 promotional offer licences were granted for companies selling goods in malls and retail shops, while 339 licences were granted for special offers including new prices, ‘buy one get one free’, and ‘buy one get the second one at half price’.


Three licences for Swipe and Win were also awarded in March, while 26 licences for prize draws were issued.



Number Licences type
75 Promotional offers
339 Special offers
3 Swipe and Win
26 Prize draws
443 Total