Ministry of Commerce & Industry conducts joint inspection campaigns on retail outlets and street vendors in various regions

December 29, 2021


The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, conducted joint inspection campaigns on retail outlets and street vendors across Qatar, includingthe areas of Mukaynis, Fereej Al-Asmakh and Fereej Abdel Aziz.

The investigations resulted in releasing nine violations against a number of retail outlets for committing breaches of the law. These included failing to write the commercial registration number on the shop sign, neglecting to match the trade name with the name on the premises sign, repairing cars outside the retail premises and engaging in an activity that is not listed in the commercial registry.

Moreover, three violations were released against street vendors for practicing their activities without obtaining a commercial license. Perpetrators were referred to the relevantauthorities to take the necessary legal measures.

These inspection campaigns stem from the Ministry’s keenness to monitor the extent of compliance with the laws and regulations governing the commercial sector and ensuring the protection of consumer rights.

In this regard, the Ministry stressed that it would not tolerate any negligence in terms of meeting obligations stipulated in law No. (5) of 2015 on Commercial, Industrial and Similar Public Shops, and Street Vendors, as well as noncompliance with Ministerial Resolution No. (243) of 2016 on the licensing requirements and regulations to engage in street vendor activities and the Ministerial circular on the car repair and maintenance shops in cities and commercial streets.

The Ministry is working to intensify its inspection campaigns to control violating practices, and to refer those who infringe lawsand Ministerial decisions to the relevantauthorities in order to take the appropriate measures.

The Ministry also urges all citizens and residents to report any violations pertaining to registration and commercial licensing via the followingofficial channels:

– Call Center: 16001

– The Ministry of Commerce & Industry’s authorized social media accounts:

        – Twitter @MOCIQATAR

        – Instagram MOCIQATAR