Signing of cooperation agreement between Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Qatar Charity

February 14, 2022
On implementing the ‘Weekly Market’ project to support the output of productive families

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Qatar Charity have signed a cooperation agreement regarding the implementation of ‘The Weekly Market’ project, aimed at supporting theoutput of productive families.  


The agreement was signed by Mr. Hamad Mohammed Al-Abdan, Director of the Business Development and Investment Promotion Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and Mr. Faisal bin Rashid Al-Fahida, Assistant CEO of the Programs and Community Development Sector at Qatar Charity.

The agreement comes as part of the Ministry’s commitment to strengthening community partnerships with various State institutions;supporting and motivating owners of small and medium enterprises as well as productive families; and enhancing their production capabilities. It aims to encourage them to expand and develop their projects in an effort tocontribute to supporting, strengthening, and further diversifying the national economy.

The agreement also aligns with Qatar Charity’s mission to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the Qatari society. Qatar Charity is committed to raising and developing community members’ capabilities; providing training and work opportunities for productivelocal families; and cooperating with all relevant institutions.

Under the agreement, the two parties agree to hold a ‘Weekly Market’, for which the Ministry will provide productive families with spaces and pavilions free of charge, giving them the opportunity to display their products and encourage sales. While Qatar Charity is the project’s strategic partner, both parties are required to support and promote the project to ensure its success.