The Department of Consumer Protection detects counterfeit shampoo in the local market

May 26, 2011

Out of interest of the Ministry of Business and Trade, represented by the Department of Consumer Protection, to monitor the market’s commitment to the law of consumer protection, and the decisions regulating the work of the Department of Consumer Protection, especially those aiming to prevent commercial fraud and counterfeiting goods, and as an implementation of Article No. (6) of the Law No. (8) for the year 2008 on consumer protection, which stipulates that it is strictly prohibited to sell or offer or promote or advertise any fake or corrupted good, that does not conform to the set standards and specifications, or it is unusable or has an expired validity period” ;
A number of inspectors detected during inspection campaigns a counterfeit product (Shampoo) under the name of “Head & Shampoos” as an imitation of the original mark “Head & shoulders”. It appeared through the presentation of the item in the different shops a large similarity between the counterfeit product and the original one, in terms of form and design.
The unit of Public Relations and Communication emphasizes that these inspection campaigns come out of the ministry’s efforts to insure the safety of the consumers from fraud and counterfeiting, and as an implementation of the Consumer Protection laws, as well as the different laws and rules regulating the activities of the Department of Consumer Protection.