The Department of Consumer Protection monitors 79 Violations during May

June 12, 2011

In the context of the permanent efforts made by the Ministry of Business and Trade, represented by the Department of Consumer Protection, to monitor the markets and the economic activities in the State, the cited department has revealed today a number of violations committed during the month of May 2011. The violations have been amounted to 79 violations, including:
·        Commercial fraud
·        Unrevealed prices
·        Unauthorized promotions
·        Discounts exceeding 50%
·        Prices not stated in Arabic
·        Increase in the prices of the Australian Beef
·        Non-commitment to the fruits and vegetables’ prices announced in the daily bulletin
·        In addition to hiding features and specifications of some goods and services.   
As for the complaints received by the Department of Consumer Protection, and which have been amounted to 98 complaints, they have been dealt with and transmitted to the responsible competent departments.