The Minister of Business and Trade insists on the importance of the immediate commencement of the “Economic Zones” and “Small and Medium Enterprises” projects

May 31, 2011

Qatar Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority held this Monday, 30/05/2011, the first Board of Directors’ meeting in the Ministry of Business and Trade. During the meeting, some important decisions related to the work of the authority were approved, and two presentations on the economic zones and small and medium enterprises projects were presented.
Moreover, HE Sheikh Jassim Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Thani, Minister of Business and Trade,(Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority)issued during the meeting his instructions to those concerned to take necessary measures to commence the work on the two projects in order to complete what has been achieved by the former steering committees, since the two projects are of great importance to the people of Qatar and their companies, and will help in overcoming the difficulties facing owners of small and medium enterprises.
The members of the Board of Directors of the importance of its objectives, and key role to promote economic diversification and trade in the state and the expected role of a sector of small and medium-sized companies is the strength and flexibility.
The members of the Board of Directors stressed on the importance of the objectives pursued by this authority and its key role in boosting economic and commercial diversification in the country, as well as its role in activating the small and medium enterprises sector.