June 02, 2011

The Department of Consumer Protection, in cooperation with the Foodstuff Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, held a meeting with all the Foodstuff distributors licensed by the Foodstuff Department, where they reviewed some of the acts and practices made by some foodstuff distributors, in addition to the complaints made by the consumers regarding the additional charges imposed on the feed and food prices stated in the vouchers issued by the Foodstuff Department in the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
The distributors were alerted to abide by the prices specified in the vouchers granted to eligible citizens, without charging them any additional burdens or amounts. They were also informed that a poster will be distributed in several languages ​​to all the foodstuff outlets to clarify the given instructions.
And the Department of Consumer Protection as it announces that it stresses to abide by the instructions so as not to be the distributor liable for, according to Article No. (10) of Law No. (8) for the year 2008, on consumer protection, which provides that “not permissible for a provider to hide any commodity or refrain from selling in order to control the market price or to impose purchase certain amounts of them, or buy other goods with them or receive a price higher than the price that has been announced, “has been taking the necessary undertakings which will be inspectors of judicial administration to pass on the distributors to make sure comply with the instructions issued in this regard.
The Consumer Protection Department emphasizes the need to comply with these instructions; otherwise, the distributors will be subject to legal accountability, pursuant to Article 10 of Law No. 8 of 2008 on the consumer protection, which stipulates, “ A supplier may not conceal or refuse to sell any commodity for the purpose of controlling the market price, nor may he impose the purchase of particular quantities thereof or of another commodity therewith, or ask for a price higher than the prescribed commodity price”. The Department inspection constables will inspect distributors to ensure the instructions issued in this regard are being followed.