Consumer Protection Department Advertising Campaign

October 24, 2011

Within the framework of the keenness of the Ministry of Business and Trade, represented by the Consumer Protection Department, to keep in touch with the consumers, as a way to spread awareness and education among them, knowing the importance of spreading consciousness among both the merchants and the consumers, leading them to know their rights and duties, the CPD came up with the idea of ​​organizing an advertising campaign targeting the traders and the consumers, and aiming to:

1 – Define and increase the awareness of the consumers and suppliers of their rights and duties
2 – Promote the culture of the balanced purchase among consumers
3 – Highlight the fundamental obligations of the merchant, which come in their turn, under the consumer rights
4 – Highlight the main roles and specializations of the Consumer Protection Department
This advertising campaignhad been carefullydesigned to contain 24 messages and advices that will be presented to the public in several places, including street ads – buses and taxis ads – newspaper ads – billboards in commercial malls and complexes, and will be also accessible through the radio and television programs.
The CPD will launch the character of (Morshed – Advisor) who will be providing, in a friendly style, tips and advices for consumers of all categories (adults and children), in addition to launching ( Morshed Magazine), a quarterly magazine published by the Department of Consumer Protection, noting that the first issue will be issued today, Monday, 24/10/2011, and distributed through one of the local newspapers.
This Advertising Campaign will be divided into several stages :
1- Teaser Campaign
2- Consumer Rights Campaign: it aims to teach the consumers their rights, especially with regard to health and safety, and the tips to get good products that comply with the standards and specifications, as well as their right to obtain the invoice and warranty, without forgetting the right of replacement and retrieval.
3 – Merchant Duties Campaign: it aims to teach the merchant his duties towards the consumer, such as giving the consumer a full – data bill, providing the necessary guarantees, warn the consumer of the danger that may be caused by the use of the commodity, tell him about the defects that the good may contain, announce the price of the product or the service, in addition to many other duties.
4 – Consumer Duties Campaign: it aims to teach the consumer his duties in the balanced purchase, and lead him to stop wasting and following the misleading advertising and the temptations of installments, in addition to the necessity of reading and understanding the contracts, and the description of every item or service, without forgetting to keep the invoice and the warranty to protect their rights.
5 – Campaign of the Month of Ramadan: it aims to teach the consumers the methods of a balanced purchase system, and the ways of avoiding the waste and buying only what is needed.