Consumer Protection Department Seizes 17 Shops Selling Expired Tires

April 08, 2013

Within the framework of the role of the Ministry of Business and Trade in the implementation of the consumer protection laws, the consumer protection department continues its regular inspections to ensure that the suppliers and local traders adhere strictly to the specifications set by the department concerned for the products and services offered by them.
During a routine inspection by the sleuths of the department, the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) at the Ministry of Business and Trade booked 17 shops for selling expired tires in the Industrial Area and seized a large number of the tires.
The shops have been booked under Article 6 of Law No (8) of 2008, which stipulates that: “offering, presenting, promoting or advertising any damaged or rotten merchandises shall be prohibited. The merchandise is considered as damaged or rotten if it is not complied with decided standards or not valid for use or expired”.
Besides, Article 13 of CP laws states that suppliers should comply with health safety and security specifications determined by law.
The department considers items fraudulent if they do not conform to the standards prescribed or are being sold after their expiry dates, and based on that, the CPD has seized the tires to complete the legal procedures against the violators.
The Director of Consumer Protection Department Sheikh Jassim bin Jabor al Thani said that “Companies and businesses in the Qatari market must ensure that the goods and services offered by them to the consumer meet the health and safety norms”.
Sheikh Jassim also called upon all consumers to pay specific attention to the date of production of tires purchased by them, adding that “the consumers need to be sure of the production date of the tyre through the sealed four numbers on the frame. The two digits on the right indicate the year of production, while the digits on the left show the month. These figures are indicative of the expiry of the tires as the life of tires of cars, buses and light trucks must not exceed 24 months from the date of production whereas the life of heavy truck tires expire after 30 months of production”.