H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry conducts inspection tour of malls and retail outlets across the country

April 12, 2020

H.E. Mr. Ali bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, Minister of Commerce and Industry, toured a number of malls and retail outlets across the country to closely inspect the strategic stock of food products and commodities, assess consumption dynamics and the availability of goods for consumers, citizens and residents, and to monitor the latest developments.


H.E. was briefed in detail by managers and operators of malls and outlets on the availability of food products, consumer goods and subsidized supplies.


H.E. stressed the importance of maintaining market stability and meeting citizens’ needs in terms of basic commodities while noting the availability of food and non-food commodities. H.E. also noted the role of retail outlets in meeting consumers’ needs and storing the necessary supplies in warehouses to replenish shelves and ensure the availability of products regardless of the level of demand.


H.E. also highlighted the Ministry’s readiness to address any shortcomings by any party.


H.E. emphasized that Qatar’s strategic stock of subsidized supplies is sufficient to cover demand for over a year, noting that import policies have been maintained at the same pace. H.E. stressed the need for suppliers, outlets and local manufacturers to play their natural role in importing, providing, showcasing and selling goods in quantities required by the consumer.


H.E. also highlighted the Ministry’s continuous efforts in monitoring markets to determine the availability of food and consumer goods across all retail outlets, malls and supermarkets, adding that the state continues to import all kinds of food products from different sources and countries through air cargo and sea ports.


H.E. said all suppliers are coordinating to maintain normal imports, adding that alternative plans have been established to address any shortage in goods.


H.E. stressed that prices remained stable with no impact on the abundance of goods, food and consumer products.


H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry emphasized that merchants and stores that refrain from selling the products or attempt to take advantage of the crisis will face the maximum penalties under Consumer Protection Law No. 8 of 2008, which include the closure of the retail outlet and a fine.