Minister of Business and Trade Leads Qatari Delegation Participating in the 47th Session of GCC Trade Ministers Meeting in Riyadh

May 09, 2013


HE Sheikh Jassim bin Abdulaziz al Thani, Minister of Business and Trade, led the Qatari delegation at the meeting of trade ministers held at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for Arab States, in Riyadh, on Wednesday 08/05/2013.
The trade ministers discussed many important topics concerning the future of the business and investment in the GCC countries in order to move forward in achieving the goals and objectives of the council of constructive cooperation for the benefit of all member states.
During the meeting, the ministers also decided to approve the establishment of the joint exhibition of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the mandate of the General Secretariat to take all the necessary arrangements.
They also approved the law concerning anti-fraud uniform commercial code of GCC to be submitted to the supreme council for adoption as a mandatory law uniformly to all GCC countries.
The meeting also agreed on what is stated in the note by the Secretariat on the minutes of the meetings of the WTO committee for the GCC countries at its three meetings held recently about modifying the list of goods included in the information technology and trade facilitation, and the trade policy review of the GCC countries, and the subject of trade preferences, and the law of dumping trade, and dispute related topics.
With regard to the protection of Gulf investments in other countries, the ministers decided to configure a working group to study the issue and submit its recommendations thereon.
With regard to the knowledge economy and discuss the possibility to benefit from the exchange of experiences available to the member states in this regard, it has been assigned to the general secretariat to provide the available plans and strategies in this regard to the working group.
Sheikh Jassim expressed his satisfaction with the meeting outcomes, stressing that it will give a strong impetus to efforts to move forward in achieving the goals that meet the interests of GCC.