Minister of Business and Trade: Practice of Commercial Activities in Qatar to Witness Qualitative Leap

April 15, 2013

HE the Minister of Business and Trade Sheikh Jassim bin Abdulaziz Al Thani said  that the practice of commercial activities in the State of Qatar will witness a big qualitative leap during the coming period following the Cabinet’s approval last Wednesday 10/04/2013 of  draft laws of the legal commercial register and commercial stores and similar industrial shops,  prepared by the Ministry’s  Legal Committee.
Sheikh Jassim said the two  draft laws were part of the completion of the ministry’s plan aimed to update legislations, simplify and facilitate procedures for registration and licensing of all commercial and industrial shops, and to attract foreign investment.
HE the Minister of Business and Trade stressed that the abovementioned draft laws took into account the international standards on the basis of which classification of countries is made, in terms of simplifying the starting and doing of business, so as to contribute to raising the rating of Qatar, and to meet the requirements of the political, economic and social changes to realize Qatar National Vision 2030.
HE the Minister of Business and Trade pointed out that the two draft laws contain many privileges for those who want the practice commercial activities, including the ministry’s granting of commercial registration and business license on the same day of submitting the application, provided the fulfillment of all necessary documents and data, saying this will facilitate getting commercial licenses in the state at the earliest time and simplify and facilitate the licensing procedures for opening and managing stores and for attracting capital.
HE explained that the integration of street vendors law into the shops law aims to tighten controls on street vendors by  attaching them to  one of the stores which are subject to the provisions of this law.
“We have been keen, when preparing the new law, on facilitating the exercise of commercial activities through websites according to specific controls and this in turn will help Qatari youth to exercise electronic commerce so as to enhance the state’s intention to move to  a knowledge-based economy,” HE the Minister of Business and Trade said.
HE added that the registration of company subsidiaries will not give them a  legal personality separate from the parent company, noting that the Ministry of Business and Trade will give a six-month period  for the branches established companies to adjust their positions according to the provisions of this law.