Ministry of Business and Trade Allows Return of Cornflakes Products Back to Markets

May 23, 2013

The Ministry of Business and Trade has allowed the return of Kellogg’s Cornflakes back to markets after dispensing the damaged samples which proved not conformed with standards and unfit for human consumption, and which are:

The ministry had withdrawn a number of cornflakes samples of various dates and sent them to the central laboratories of the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) for analysis following complaints about its taste.
As a result of the analysis conducted early last month on the aforesaid product in light of a complaint against it, the ministry proved the existence of ‘rancid’ in some samples, and accordingly the ministry withdrew these products for being invalid and harmful to human consumption.
The ministry has warned the sole agent of the commercial brand and the traders in general to strictly commit to the set standard specifications and the health and safety conditions as well as the sound and good-conditioned storing criteria effective in the markets to maintain the health and safety of the human consumers.