Ministry of Business and Trade Organizes Local Seminar and Workshop for Government and Private-Sector Officials in Collaboration with the World Trade Organization

April 16, 2013

The International Cooperation and Trade Agreements Department at the Ministry of Business and Trade organizes in collaboration with the World Trade Organization, a local seminar and workshop for government and private-sector officials at the ministry building during the period 16 – 18 April 2013.
The seminar comes within the framework of the technical support that the ministry seeks to provide for the government and private- sector employees in order to raise their awareness of the WTO conventions and the Global Trading System.
About (30) of government and private-sector officials are participating in the workshop related to “the General Agreement on Trade in Services”, namely from the Ministry of Business and Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environment, Central Bank, Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Company.
During the seminar, WTO experts will clarify issues related to the General Agreement on Trade in Services, which is one of the WTO agreements, in addition to the negotiations related to the organization and the ways of regional integration in terms of trade in services, with a special focus on some of the service sectors of importance to the State of Qatar.
Many practical and interactive exercises will take place during the workshop in collaboration between the WTO experts and the participants in the seminar.