Ministry of Business and Trade Seizes Shop Selling Spurious Motor Oil

April 07, 2013

During a periodic inspection made by the consumer protection department at the Ministry of Business and Trade, in line with its aim to protect the consumers and prevent the entry of defective and counterfeit goods in the market,
the CPD has initiated action against a shop selling spurious engine oil. The shop was caught filling containers of a well-known oil company with oil of unknown make, which constitutes a violation ofArticle No. (7) of the Act No. (8) for the year 2008, on consumer protection, which stipulates that :
“Provider, once offering any merchandise for circulation, shall be obliged to state on its cover or packing clearly the merchandise’s type, nature, ingredients and all relevant data as per the executive regulation of this Law.
If the use of this merchandise results in a danger, the provider should warn about that clearly.
The provider shall be prohibited to specify, advertise or offer the merchandise with false or misleading data”.
Youssef Saad al-Suwaidi, head of the Commercial Fraud section at the CPD said that these campaigns are aimed at protecting the consumer’s right to obtain original goods.
For his side, Sheikh Jassim Bin Jabor Al Thani, Director of Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Business and Trade stated that all companies operating in the state must make sure that the merchandise or the service provided to the consumer is completely complied with the declared adopted standards.