Ministry of Business and Trade Withdraws Corn Flakes Products from Markets

April 25, 2013

Out of the keenness of the Ministry of Business and Trade on the health condition and safety of the consumers and to ensure their rights for good services according to the set standards and specifications, the Ministry of Business and Trade has recommended the withdrawing of the Corn Flakes products now on sale in the markets.
The ministry has earlier received information about rotten smell and rancid in the corn flakes products being on sale in the Qatari markets and immediately it had withdrawn a number of these samples of different dates and sent them to the central labs. of the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) for analysis.
And as a result of the analysis conducted on the aforesaid product in light of a complaint against it, the ministry proved the existence of ‘rancid’ in some samples, and accordingly the ministry withdrew these products for being invalid and harmful to human consumption.
Other analyses revealed that a number of other samples contain high degree of peroxide substance , a clear-cut evidence of the existence of rancid in these products, thus their lack of quality and validity to be left available for human consumption.
Then the ministry has warned the sole agency of the aforesaid trade mark to hurry up withdrawing these products from the markets as per the provisions of the Article No. (14) of Law No. (8) for the year 2008, on consumer protection, which stipulates that ” the supplier is obliged to notify Consumer Protection Department and consumers of any case related to finding manufacturing defect or any other defect that may cause damage or endanger consumers. It shall also be committed to recall all faulty commodities and to announce so immediately”.