Ministry of Commerce and Industry announces start of registrations for a national initiative that encourages local production and subsidized lamb meat for the Holy Month of Ramadan

February 28, 2022

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in coordination with the Ministry of Municipality, has announced the start of registrations for anational initiative to encourage local production and subsidize the prices of lamb meat for the holy month of Ramadan, and that is as of 28/2/2022 until 10/3/2022.

With the initiative, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry aims to encourage and support livestock breeders, who own ranches and farms. The Ministry wants to support local production of sheep to protect Qatar’s commercial and economic environment, and to maintain a supply-demand balance that ensures price stability in the market. It also seeks ensureaccess to red meat during Ramadan at reasonable prices.

The Ministry indicated that breeders and farm owners, who have male sheep of the breeds(AwassiNajdi – Arab – Harri) and who wish to participate in the initiative, must register at the Animal Wealth Department at the Ministry of Municipality, Al Mansoor Tower, 11th floor. Applicants must either attend in person or send a representative, who holds notarised power of attorney.

The Ministry has also defined the required conditions for registration in the initiative; the applicant must have a valid license and a livestock breeder certificate.