Ministry of Commerce and Industry announces Tamween card delivery service for citizens

October 03, 2021
In cooperation with Qatar Post

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced the launch of a Tamween card delivery service (ration card) to citizens via Qatar Post, thus making it possible to obtain a Tamween card without having to visit the Ministry’s Department of Supply and Strategic Inventory.


This initiative comes as part of the Ministry’s efforts to develop services for citizens and to facilitate procedures. This optional service is offered for a fee of QAR 30, the Ministry clarified.


Additionally, citizens can pay the Tamween card issuance fees (QAR 50) through the Tamween e-services program on the Ministry’s website, in the event of applying for a new Tamween card or requesting a replacement for a lost or damaged one.


When requesting delivery of the Tamween card by post, the citizen benefiting from the service can pay using a debit or credit card via the Tamween e-services program on the Ministry’s website, the Ministry indicated. If the beneficiary fails to receive the card, it shall be returned to the relevant Ministry department.


As well as by post the card can also be received from the concerned Ministry’s department, the Ministry confirmed.


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