Ministry of Commerce and Industry obtains ISO certificate in information security

April 15, 2021

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, represented by the Information Technology Department, obtained the ISO certificate ISO 27001, presented by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), upon adopting the latest international standards for information security management and risk assessment.

The certificate was received by Mr. Ali Khalid Al-Khulaifi, Director of the Information Technology Department at the Ministry.

The ISO-certified ISO 27001 is one of the most trusted and internationally accredited certificates for information security. It is widely recognized for providing institutions with a model for operating, implementing, monitoring, and improving their information security management systems.

The Ministry indicated that obtaining the ISO certificate ISO 27001 assured its ability to adopt and implement internationally recognized standards, as well as its full commitment to providing its customers with a service of the highest level. Furthermore, obtaining the ISO 27001 confirms the Ministry’s commitment to ensuring complete confidentiality for all parties that deal with it, by providing an environment that is both effective and safe.

The requirements for obtaining the ISO certification ISO 27001 include the Ministry’s commitment to implementing a fully-fledged program to ensure that all information security controls are applied and individuals’ information is fully protected. The Ministry is additionally required to continuously assess all information security risks at the level of its services, in addition to designing and implementing a comprehensive and effective set of information security controls that apply to the services and technology used at the Ministry.