Ministry of Commerce and Industry receives Excellence in Innovation Award for e-Inspection System project

September 04, 2022

The Ministry won the Excellence Award in the Innovation category, for its e-Inspection System project, stemming from its keenness to contribute to Qatar’s journey towards digital transformation.


The award was received by Mr. Ali Khaled Al-Khulaifi, Director of Planning and Quality Department and Acting Director of Information Technology Department, on the side-lines of launching of the first large-scale cloud data centre region in Qatar, on Wednesday evening, August 31, 2022.



The e-Inspection System project culminates the Ministry’s efforts to implement the measures to host the World Cup events, pursuant to Law No. (10) of 2021 on the Measures for Hosting FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.



The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is working in cooperation with the various ministries and relevant authorities in Qatar to contribute to organizing this historic global event, in line with the law passed in this regard. The said law’s measures stipulate monitoring the distribution, sale, and advertisement of all products marketed by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), its affiliate organizations, and its business partners, as well as goods suppliers, works contractors, and service providers, at the event sites and the commercial zone subject to control.


Additionally, the Ministry monitors compliance with Law No. (11) of 2021 on the Protection of Trademarks, Copyrights, and Related Rights of the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA).


The e-Inspection System aims to enhance the capabilities and skills of the Ministry’s inspectors in terms of monitoring and controlling the concerned authorities responsible for ensuring abiding by the laws and decisions regulating the business and trade sectors in Qatar, especially in terms of registries, licenses, intellectual property rights, combating commercial fraud, monitoring defective and harmful goods, after-sale services, strategic inventory, price evaluation and follow-up, field control, central markets, and others.


The e-Inspection System forms part of the Ministry’s efforts to provide smart, innovative services that contribute to enhancing consumer protection, regulating the business environment, supporting competition, and combating commercial fraud.


The e-Inspection System includes all Ministry departments, so as to support its inspection campaigns in various fields related to its competencies. The e-system also allows the Ministry inspectors to complete all procedures for filing violations to the concerned authorities electronically without the need to fill out paper forms.


Moreover, the e-Inspection System provides the user with the ability to communicate and follow up the inspection procedures, including records, notifications, and payment of penalties and fines, in addition to the ability to complete the reconciliation procedures with the violating parties. This e-system also allows inspection campaign management and control, assigning inspectors, and helping to take decisions in light of performance indicators.