Ministry of Commerce & Industry closes several branches of a commercial company in various regions

December 21, 2021
Due to falsifying the country of origin of vegetables, fruits and meat as well as selling spoiled and inedible goods and products




The Ministry of Commerce & Industry has announced the closure of a number of branches of a major commercial company in Muaither, Al Gharafa, Al Kharaitiyat and Al Khor, for a period of one month for each outlet, due to violating Articles No. (6), (7), and (8) of Law No. (8) of 2008 regarding Consumer Protection. The violations committed included falsifying the country of origin of vegetables, fruits and meat, selling spoiled and inedible goods and products, altering validity dates and weights, not writing production and validity dates on products as well as marketing expired meat.


The closures come as part of the intensive inspection campaigns conducted by the Ministry to monitor markets and commercial activities in the country, in aims at controlling prices and uncovering abuses and fraudulent, counterfeit and non-conforming goods.

The Ministry stressed that it would not tolerate any negligence in terms of meeting obligations stipulated in Law No. (8) of 2008 on Consumer Protection, and its executive regulations, and that it would intensify its inspection campaigns to curb violations. Any party that violates laws and Ministerial decisions will be referred to the relevant authorities, who would respond appropriately to protect consumer rights.

The Ministry urges all citizens and residents to report any violations or infractions through the following official channels:

– Call Center: 16001

– The Ministry of Commerce & Industry’s authorized social media accounts:

– Twitter @MOCIQATAR

– Instagram MOCIQATAR