Ministry of Economy and Commerce compels car dealer to replace defective vehicle with new one after receiving consumer complaint

March 29, 2016

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has compelled a car dealers in Doha to replace a defective vehicle with a new one after its service center failed to repair recurring faults.
The Ministry took action after receiving complaints from several vehicle owners regarding manufacturing defects. Inspectors from the Ministry reviewed and investigated the complaints before notifying the car dealer of the need to replace faulty cars with new ones in accordance with article (10) of law No. (8) of 2008 on consumer protection.
The law stipulates that consumers are entitled to choose whether to repair, return or exchange defective products.
The measures come within the framework of the ministry’s ongoing efforts to protect consumers and ensure that car dealers follow up on vehicle defects and repais.
The Ministry of Economy and Commerce stressed that it will crack down on all violations of the Consumer Protection law and will intensify its inspection campaigns to combat fraud.
The ministry added that it will refer violators of applicable laws and ministerial decrees to the competent authorities who will in turn take appropriate action against them in a bid to protect consumers’ rights.
The ministry has urged all customers to report any violations to its Consumer Protection and Anti-Commercial Fraud Department through the following channels:
Call Center: 16001
Social media accounts:
Twitter: @MEC_Qatar
Instagram: MEC_Qatar
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