Prices of 320 Items Reduced for the Holy Month of Ramadan

June 24, 2013

The Ministry of Business and Trade has imposed a prize freeze on 320 food and non-food items ahead of the holy month of Ramadan. The step is an annual initiative of the ministry to keep prices under check and also to help the country’s residents during the holy month of Ramadan.
The decision of the Minister of Business and Trade divides these items into two main categories: food which include cooking oil, flour, milk, chicken, juices and frozen vegetables; and non-food items such as paper towels,aluminum foil, cleaning materials and similar products which are in great demand during Ramadan.
The Ministry has started circulating the new price list to shops, noting that the list will be permanently issued in local newspapers and can be found on the ministry’s website:
The Ministry of Business and Trade has also agreed with Widam Food Company to import around 34,000 heads of live sheep of the Arabic types, which are favored by the nationals in particular. These animals will be sold directly to nationals during Ramadan on the basis of their ID cards at designated centres at the public slaughterhouse at the Doha Central market and the Widam slaughterhouses in Al-Shammal and Al-Khor.
The price of a Syrian sheep will be QR950 and that of the Jordanian variety QR850.
Nationals will be able to buy these animals at these rates starting from July 7 until the end of Ramadan. However, these sheep have to be immediately butchered at the designated slaughterhouse to avoid any manipulation or resale of the subsidized item.
To keep prices under check and ensure compliance, the Consumer Protection Department will conduct inspection tours of outlets in the country.