Ministry of Commerce and Industry Announces Ramadan’s Discounted Consumer Goods Price List

March 05, 2024
More than 900 discounted consumer goods and continues through the holy month of Ramadan


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced the launch of Ramadan’s discounted consumer goods price list initiative, which includes more than 900 commodities and will last until the end of the holy month of Ramadan in coordination with mega consumer complexes in Qatar.

This initiative comes within the framework of MOCI’s ongoing efforts through the years to launch such initiatives to provide the citizens and residents with consumer goods at discounted prices during the holy month of Ramadan, where spending on food and consumer goods increases.

The discounted list includes all basic consumer goods, such as flour, sugar, rice, pasta, chicken, oil, milk, and other food commodities, in addition to non-food commodities such as tissue paper, aluminium foil, cleaning and laundry products, and other relatable products that are highly consumed during the holy month of Ramadan.

MOCI has pointed out that the discounted prices list will be applied in all mega consumer complexes across Qatar and will be published on its website and all its social media channels.

MOCI notes retailers’ adherence to the discounted list until the end of Ramadan, and it will intensify its inspection campaigns to monitor any violations and take necessary actions against violators as part of its consumer protection efforts.

MOCI urges all consumers to report any price violations. Complaints, inquires and suggestions are received through the following channels:

– Call Center: 16001

– The Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s account across all social media channels @mociqatar