Industrial Zones Department


Striving on allocating industrial plots in a well-studied and proper manner, the Small and Medium Scale Industrial Area was established in the city of Doha offering a great potential and future for the small and medium industries as it answers the needs of the industrial sector.



  • Development of and providing support to local industries.
  • Encouraging and attracting local and foreign direct investments to play a role in the in the development of the industrial sector.
  • Attracting and localizing modern technological innovations.
  • Lifting and improving the quality levels of skills, production efficiency and technological progress.
  • Making investment opportunities available as well as increasing the employment opportunities for the Qatari citizens
  • Activating and strengthening the role of the private sector in the national economy


Planning, development, execution and management industrial areas as well as providing them with services and utilities such as gas, electricity, water, sewerage, telecommunication and controlling the process of industrial plots allocation to investors who possess industrial licenses.


Sections belong to the department:

  • Industrial Land Section
  • Engineering Support Section
  • Planning & Development Section