Industrial Development Department

  • Devise plans and prepare industrial studies for the development of industries and follow up of execution of these plans and studies.
  • Prepare and evaluate techno-economic feasibility studies.
  • Join efforts with the concerned government authorities on planning and development of industrial areas, and advise on services, infrastructres and utilities suitable for industrial projects.
  • Decide land requirements for industrial activities and collaborate with other authorities involved in order to locate suitable areas for such activities.
  • Collect all the necessary technical, economic and statistical data and information required for preparation of industrial development plans and projects.
  • Registeration of industrial establishment in the industrial register, and suggest improvements to the registeration procedure in line with developments in the industrial sector.
  • Stipulate, in associaltion with other concerned authorities, terms and conditions that govern industrial activities including environment protection regulations.
  • Prepare industrial licenses and incentives and get them issued after approval of the minister according to laws in force.
  • Inspect industrial establishment and corporate entities to ensure their compliance with industrial laws and regulations.
  • Assure quality of national products and conformance with approved standard and specifications.
  • Increase industrial projects productivity and improve performance.
  • Propose draft laws and regulations for the development of the industry.

Sections belong to the department

  • Industrial Licencing Section
  • Industrial Control Section
  • Industrial Incentive Section
  • Strategic Studies Section
  • Mineral Resources Section