Financial And Administrative Affairs

The Finance and Administration Department is responsible for:

  • Implementing ministerial finance policies.
  • Preparing annual budgets and final accounts in collaboration with the relevant administrative departments.
  • Ensuring performance quality is maintained by providing administrative departments with required support.
  • Overseeing the procurement tender processes in line with ministerial policies.
  • Monitoring the execution of endorsements, audit revenues and expenditure accounts.
  • Processing all ministerial mail.
  • Safeguarding and sustaining the ministerial archives.
  • Preparing of financial documents and transactions.
  • Allocating accommodation and allowance reimbursements for Ministry employees.
  • Collecting ministerial service fees.
  • Performing all administration services.
  • Maintaining and monitoring the Ministry’s stores.


  • Revenues section.
  • Finance section.
  • Procurement section.
  • Administrative Services section.



Request quotations for tenders less than QAR 200,000 ensuring the bidding company is on the Ministry’s approved list of suppliers.​