Trade Development and Investment Promotion Department


1- Implementing the executive regulations governing the investment of non-Qatari capital in economic activities

2- Implementing the executive regulations governing foreign trade and exports

3- Proposing policies to encourage and support joint ventures between Qatari and non-Qatari investors

4- Proposing policies and procedures to announce and promote investment opportunities in Qatar, including guides to inform investors

5-Preparing studies to support investment activities in Qatar, as well as feasibility studies to identify investment opportunities, diversify income sources, and promote sustainable development in coordination with the concerned administrative units

6- Promoting economic free zones across Qatar in line with the ministry’s objectives of attracting foreign investment and ensuring economic growth

7- Promoting projects and investments in the fields of manufacturing, transportating and marketing goods

8- Taking the necessary measures to promote investments and streamlines procedures in coordination the competent authorities

8- Participating in forums, exhibitions, seminars and conferences that aim to promote Qatar’s investment policy, and preparing the necessary studies in this regard

10- Examining and analyzing draft commercial and industrial agreements in coordination with concerned administrative units.

11- Developing the database and guidelines outlining investment opportunities and joint ventures across country

12- Proposing policies, strategies, plans and programs for the development of exports and bilateral trade.

13- Proposing the appointment of commercial attaches and supervising their work.

14- Following up on the work of commercial attaches and providing them with the necessary support to tap cooperation opportunities and trade deals

15- Following up on the implementation of export development and trade programs, and promoting the competitiveness of Qatari products in foreign markets

16- Assessing local and foreign markets, and proposing the necessary measures to boost exports

17- Coordinating and cooperating with international institutions in the field of export development

18- Developing the necessary database and support services to promote exports, and analyzing foreign markets to promote Qatari goods and services

19- Preparing the necessary studies for the country’s negotiating delegation, as well as memos on commercial and industrial negotiations in coordination with the concerned administrative units.

20- Suggesting training and qualification programs for Qataris operating in the export and international marketing field and following up on their implementation in coordination with concerned authorities