Administrative units of the Assistant Undersecretary for Industrial Affairs and Business Development

Office of the Assistant Undersecretary

The Industrial Affairs department is responsible for overseeing the industrial development strategy and its executive plans, while monitoring the budget required for its implementation. It is also in charge of preparing studies and reports on the state of the industrial sector and proposing measures to assess challenges and bolster its development and sustainability in cooperation with competent authorities.

The department is also responsible for promulgating and following up on legislation related to industrial zones across the country, their development and expansion. It also conducts, in coordination with competent authorities, the necessary studies to determine the need for new industrial zones, their suggested surface area and boundaries and their development plans.

It also prepares the necessary studies to enhance the competitiveness of Qatari products in foreign and local markets, and coordinates with international organizations and concerned authorities, to crack down on harmful practices in international trade.